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About Us
About Us

My name is Sowmya and I and a Fashion Designer by passion, qualification and profession. 

My entreprenual journey started when I relocated to India. I used to live and work oversees for over 13 years.

When I relocated back to Bangalore and started rebuilding my social circle, my friends and family started commenting on what I wore. Thats when I figured out thru’ meetings. enquiries and research that women who had teenage children were wanting to find western silhouettes that fit and flattered the Indian Mom body types.

The need in the market at that time combined with encouragement by my family and friends, led to SOUL By Sowmya.

SOUL By Sowmya is a self-funded business with unlimited aspirations! 

I am working towards building this brand both as a national and global name for glamourising cotton and handloom as a fabric of choice.

You will find that SOUL BY Sowmya web botique will be a right place to find handcrafted, niche designs and we as a brand cater to an audience that is already inclined towards handcrafted and sustainable products.

I design exclusive western wear for women, using fabrics handcrafted in India. My designs are for both Indians and everyone across the world.

SOUL By Sowmya is designed to appeal to women who value personal style and have a meaningful relationship with clothes. I personally believe the true meaning of clothing lies in how you use it to express yourself to the world. 

Being a brand founded by a woman for women, I celebrate the versatility of being feminine and offer simplicity in variety in my collections. 

My designs are crafted in natural fabrics like cotton and linen, fabrics which I source directly from the weaves themselves. I consider the weavers as artists and my design concepts are based on highlighting the beauty of the fabric.

All our fabrics are sustainable and developed and sourced in India, all our production facilities are locally based which keeps our supply chain and logistics extremely short and transparent.

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