About Us


Everything we do in life comes with a purpose........ 

It comes with a dream..... It comes with a passion and it comes with a love.

We believe change is necessary. Change towards a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet.

We take a step forward everyday towards happiness and health of both self and the planet.

We Believe in





We choose Handloom and Fairtrade in the work we do.

Fashion can't exist without responsibility. We are working towards helping people build a conscious wardrobe. We use fabrics that are hand-made. We are proud of our sustainable choices - this is how we contribute our bit towards the planet.

At SOUL By Sowmya, we create for people that appreciate minimalistic beauty and simplicity. For those, who choose to enjoy the lifestyle of slow fashion. We design outfits that are functional and elegant, and with a hand made and heart made feel to it. Handloom, Simple, & Graceful. All the clothes that we produce are inspired by personal experience and our everyday stories. SOUL By Sowmya is not only what we believe in but it is also what we wear.

Our clients are women just like each and every one of us. Whether we are making moves in our career, breaking the corporate ceiling, furthering our education, running our own businesses, raising smart and beautiful children, or just choosing yourself a little more over everything else. The women who would also love to live in a SOUL by Sowmya outfit would-be mothers of teenage girls, who would not want to shop at the same place where their daughters are shopping. They are out to find something that suits their lifestyles in which they feel most comfortable.

SOUL By Sowmya is about emotions, sensitivity, freedom, and feelings. It is not about the same body image we all should fit into. We think that each body is perfect with its little imperfections just as the handcrafted fabric from a weaver. Our silhouettes are designed to be a versatile fit for all body types and lifestyles