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Fashion terminology certainly isn’t a casual conversation for the majority of people. Most readers simply skim over these confusing appearances from the fashion lexicon. Casually picking them out like the unwanted seeds of the fruit.

Let’s look at 7 fashion terms that fashion people love to use. 

1. Haute Couture

Coming from French origin, Haute couture is an elite, extremely expensive type of fashion apparel under regulation by law in France. In order for clothing to be called couture or haute couture, it must be designed by a fashion house with a couture certification. The Fédération Française de la Couture is the lawmaking body which approves and denies members of this exclusive form of fashion.

2. Shoot

Short for a photo shoot. Typically refers to fashion photography as seen in sources like fashion magazines and advertisement campaigns and videos.

3. Contemporary

A category of apparel that has an accessible price point and a more commercial appeal compared to typical high-end fashion collections. While contemporary fashion is modern, the two terms are not directly synonymous.

4. High fashion

An expensive type of fashion clothing and design. Involves the use of luxury fabrics and techniques. Some brands are known solely as high fashion brands. For instance, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada are all high fashion brands.

5. Collection

An assortment of clothing, footwear, and accessories that a  brand presents for a fashion season or event. Fashion collections reflect current industry trends as well as the creative vision of the designer and the team.

6. SS & FW or AW

One of two main collection seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each collection targets its corresponding season and climate. The terms are often shortened to SS and FW respectively. Outside of the United States, Fall is more commonly called Autumn. When referring to a specific year and collection, it is written as the Season followed by the Year. For example, Spring Summer 2017 or SS17.


7. Silhouette

A favorite term of fashion writers and designers describing the basic outline of a garment. Silhouettes are defined using adjectives like loose, slouchy and body-conscious. However, it’s doesn't refer to the natural shape of a garment but describes how the piece fits on the body.


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