Fashion Terminology - Part 2 0

Continuing on the Fashion terminology, let's look at 6 more fashion terms that fashion people love to use. 

1. Pret-a-porter

Translates from French to mean “off the rack” or “off the peg”. It most commonly appears in its English form of Ready to Wear. The fashion term refers to mass-market apparel made in bulk and sold in finished condition. Ready to wear differs from other forms of distribution such as couture, which is made-to-order.

2. Pull

The process of borrowing clothes from a brand for the purposes of reviewing and providing media publicity such as photography. Essentially, it’s like renting clothing, but there is no fee. Brands usually work with PR agencies to determine which magazines, stylists and celebrities can pull clothing.

3. Glossy

Another word for a fashion magazine. Often used in fashion writing to note the publication being profiled. The term comes from the hi-gloss effect on pages in popular fashion magazines.


4. Streetwear

Ironically, it’s not what most people wear on the street. Streetwear is a stylish form of fashion apparel originating in California. Taking inspiration from surf/skate culture, hip-hop music, and an urban lifestyle, it reflects youth culture.


5. Diffusion lines

Not to be mistaken for a capsule collection, a diffusion line is a secondary fashion line created by an established high fashion brand. The purpose of this collection is to provide shoppers with merchandise at more accessible price points. While still carrying the brand’s name, diffusion lines are separate from its parent. Examples of diffusion lines include Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Michael Kors.

6. See Now Buy Now

A newer concept allowing shoppers to purchase pieces from fashion collections immediately after their runway launch. Traditionally, fashion collection debut an entire Season before shoppers can purchase them. For example, Spring collections release during Fall and Winter collections in February just as Spring approaches.

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